New Demo for 2019!

Despite our best efforts, finishing the entirety of Paws & Effect by the new year was just outside the allowances of time and human energy. However, so that we don't start the not-Year of the Dog with empty paws, we're offering a revised demo that shows off the game's first four episodes. You can download the demo for free from our page, whether for Windows or Mac. There's also a browser version if you can't be bothered to download (we understand). 

Development on the full game is proceeding full-steam ahead. Our new goal is to have it released no later than three years after we released the initial demo - so basically, end of March, but we'll aim for sooner if our day jobs allow. Afterward, we will resume full development on RE4: Otome Edition. In the meantime, please try the new demo and share your thoughts and feedback! Thank you!


Paws & Effect Demo 2019 (Browser)
Jan 06, 2019
Paws & Effect Demo 2019 (Windows) 255 MB
Jan 06, 2019
Paws & Effect Demo 2019 (Mac) 258 MB
Jan 06, 2019

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