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Sadie is a young woman standing at one of life's early crossroads - namely, figuring out what to do with the rest of it. Ambivalent about her career aspirations and recovering from a recent breakup, she is a soul adrift in a sea of uncertainty. But hey, at least she has her dogs for emotional support, quirky as they are. If only they were people, capable of really understanding...

As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.


Paws & Effect features a small, but colorful cast of characters, including but not limited to the following:

The Unwitting Heroine

(Default Name: Sadie)

An aspiring lawyer, Sadie is intelligent and caring, albeit with a sardonic impulse. She's unsure about her life's direction -- and doubly so when the whole thing goes off the rails. Beset by problems new and old, how will she keep it together?

The Best Friend

(Forever Name: Diya)

Sadie's good friend from college, Diya is just as ready to help out as she is to throw shade. With her sharp instincts, she knows something is up - and she won't let Sadie leave her in the dark about her new "friends". Whether she can handle the truth is another matter...

The Ex-Boyfriend

(Forever Name: Vincent)

Sadie is still recovering from her break-up with Vincent, her skinny Australian boyfriend for the last year. Things seemed to be great until they discovered their diverging opinions about keeping pets, which prompted the separation, but old flames sometimes burn longest... assuming her dogs don't snuff it out.

The Lonely Prince

(Default Name: Peaches) 

With a subdued demeanor and thoughtful gaze, Peaches is the more intellectual-seeming of Sadie's dog duo. Or maybe he just has the lax hubris of a creature that's been spoiled with treats and cuddles. He doesn't really care either way.

The Warrior Princess

(Default Name: Pecan) 

Intensely loyal and obviously needy, Pecan is a girl's best friend - as long as you stay out of her war path. Her obsessive love for Sadie is matched only by her distaste for Peaches, but her true fixation is the sky and all the evil it harbors. Y'know, birds, planes, space


A lot! Since its submission to NaNoRenO 2016, Paws & Effect has received substantial changes, including:

  1. A complete rebuilding inside a new engine (from Novelty to TyranoBuilder)
  2. Completely new, hand-drawn backgrounds
  3. A new logo and branding
  4. Completely redrawn character sprites
  5. Completely revamped music and sound effects
  6. A host of animated details
  7. New characters
  8. Revised and expanded scenes
  9. A focused number of choice options that meaningfully affect in-game events
  10. 5 distinct endings
  11. A robust episode and choice select feature
  12. Improved technical stability
  13. Several hundred "light" voice clips from professional voice-actors
  14. Greater platform spread (browser, Windows, Mac, and hopefully mobile)

And the list goes on! But don't take our word for it - give the new demo a spin to see our long toil in action.

We thank everyone who has supported us for the last three years! We're excited to present a new and improved Paws & Effect and hope that you find the game relatable, heartwarming and fun. As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

NOTE: 20% of all sales will be donated to the ASPCA. We will provide receipts here and via our Twitter account for accounting purposes. So have fun and help animals at the same time!


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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