Update #3: New Peaches!

The spoiled prince of Paws & Effect, Peaches is leaner and sweeter than ever before! His concept was largely preserved in the art update - the same mess of blonde-ish hair, the svelte body of someone who may not eat food or drink water routinely (true story), the magical blue eyes that seem to defy a rational universe. The poor lad can't ever seem to find a shirt that fits properly, but it's hard deny to the air of sprezzatura with which he wears that heart print (seeming careless is so easy when you legitimately don't care).

Peaches is something of a retiring intellectual - he has an insatiable curiosity, but only at his convenience. If he rebels against you, which he does frequently, it's only because your pitiful human senses are not attuned to the fine wine that is goose excrement. He'll play the lone wolf card when he knows you're looking, but then be oh-so-accommodating of some cuddles.  He is to be loved, not trusted.

We hope players will enjoy seeing what kinds of trouble our spoiled prince creates when Paws & Effect launches! Thanks for reading!

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